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Support subsistence farmer, women associations, and donkeys for women

There is fierce poverty in the afforestation areas, people live from what their small fields provide as yield, and from the few cattle that they own. In these rural areas, income generation is hardly possible.


The ones suffering the most are women, too much responsibility weighting on them, and for whom the limit of reasonable burdens is crossed oftentimes - according to our scale. In order to offer such farmer families a path out of the misery, we support selected farmer families by financing of seeds, donation of oxen, with hennas and sheep, as well as providing water pumps to groups of farmers.

planting vegetable together

growing agricultural crop (sorghum)

bringing a variety of vegetable to the market

breeding and caring cattle

mutual education and learning

growing and using fruits



We support women for humanitarian reasons by donating donkeys to relief them from carrying heavy burdens. Many women generate some income by offering transportation services, and girls gain time to go to school instead of carrying water over long distances.



Beneficiaries are supported only once, and this support shall allow them to lift themselves out of poverty.

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