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Center for Propagation of indigenous trees and bio-diversity development


  • Propagation of indigenous trees as corner stone to protect the soil against erosion and re-gaining the former bio-diversity.
  • Agro-Forestry thanks to usage of special indigenous species by the farmers (including farmer education).
  • Develop and maintain long-term water and nutrition resources.




The foundation works in close collaboration with Ambo University. Activities include:

  • Financial support to set up a tree nursery in which 250'000 indigenous tree seedlings will be produced per year (realized 2005).
  • Education of forestry experts about agro-forestry benefits of indigenous trees and their development and deployment in the respective areas.
  • Model Center to document the importance of indigenous trees and the necessity for re-forestry in Ethiopia.

Project area

Plantation of indigenous trees

Arroundisment Center (2004)

Fence ready (2004)

Opening ceremony and plantation with Scouts (July 2004)

Opening: Everyone plants his tree (July 2004)

ficus sur

milletia ferruginea

prunus africana

syzygium guineensa

Blooming Acacia

President honors Kurt Pfister as Mr Green

Goal for Professor Legesse (initiator and main sponsor, Addis Ababa University)

Production of humus

Professor Legesse with acacia

Seeds are growing

Seedling of indigenous trees

Water: always a topic

Seedling of indigenous species

Great growth

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