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Hill reforestation projects


  • Sustainable fight of erosion by reforestation of bare hills as long term objective.
  • Enhance nutrition situation and living conditions by vegetable plantation and fruit tree propagation. This is implemented mainly with the females of the peasant association.




The foundation works in close collaboration with the local agriculture offices and the local peasant associations. So far the following peasant associations have been supported:

  • Denkaka (reforestation of 60 hectares)
  • Hidi (reforestation of 80 hectares)
  • Boreto-Gerade (reforestation of 130 hectares)
  • Dimtu (reforestation of 30 hectares and protection of water source area for the well important Dama river)
  • Lume (reforestation of 102 hectares Jatropha trees)
  • Gimbichu (reforestation of 75 hectares and protection of water source area of Mojo river)
  • Gango (reforestation of 75 hectares)
  • Weliso (production of seedlings to reforest 90 hectares)
  • Sire (production of seedlings to reforest 75 hectares)
  • Shakiso / Hada Gurati (reforestation of 40 hectares)
  • Liban / Zuquala (reforestation of 40 hectares)



Financial Support for 2013 and 2014


This afforestation project is supported by the aid fund of Migros.

Project area

Denkaka: the vegetation is developing

Vegetable plantation at nursery

Denkaka hill before reforesting

Denkaka hill side from far / 2003

Denkaka hill side in green / after 2 years!

Women and children growing tree seelings

Denkaka hill in 2007

Tree nursery in Denkaka

Vegetables Seeds for women in Denkaka

Vegetables Seeds for women in Hidi

Tree nursery in Hidi

Hidi hill with area closure: 20ha reforested

Eroded hill and crater lake at Hidi

Gerado-Boreto hill: totally eroded

Tree nursery in Boreto

Vegetables Seeds for women in Boreto

First step reforested Boreto

Start ploughing for tree nursery Dimtu

Start preparing vegetables seed beds in Dimtu

First seeds from production in Dimtu

Finished vegetables beds in Dimtu

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