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Forests for water storage

Forests store water. They stop water run-off during the rainy season, instead the water penetrates into the ground and after some months it re-appears to the surface at the bottom of the mountains and hills after some months. Fresh water springs develop, ponds and pools evolve, during the month-long dry season. Now the water is available for use by people, animal, and plants.

Using water

Such water is collected in dams, wells and ponds, and then cannels lead it to the agriculture fields.

Food production

The water flowing to the fields is used for irrigation of cultivation. Now - thanks to afforestation some years ago - corn, beans, vegetable and fruit trees are cultivated and watered during the dry season.


Fruits and vegetables enrich the nutrition of families. In addition, women strive to sell some of the excess production of fruits and vegetables on the market to earn some income.

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