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Benefit of forests for farmers

For farmers to care for the forests long-term, it is important for them to fast realize benefits from afforestation.

No more damages from erosion

An immediate benefit is stopping the erosion. Right after the afforestation, no more precious soil is washed away during the rainy season, and the fields at the bottom of the mountains and hills are protected against damage from water run-off. Furthermore, the yield from the fields increases because the forests, which typically include numerous nitrogen-fixating tree species, improve soil fertility and therewith directly contribute to the productivity of the fields.

Bee keeping and coffee cultivation

One such benefit is bee keeping. Thanks to the biodiversity of the forest and the developing vegetation, there is ample nectar for bees throughout the year, which then produce the precious and treasured honey. In some areas, coffee is cultivated in the forests, so farmers also benefit from the production of coffee.


Gras as fodder for cattle

Farmers are also allowed, starting after 3 years, to cut the grass that grows between the trees and use it as fodder for their cattle or for roof construction.

Benefit for nature and environment

Afforestation has a significant impact onto fauna and flora. In the forests, wild animal settle in again, and an incredible, wonderful biodiversity develops. In the long run, such forests may also positively impact the micro-climate.


Thanks to the manifold benefits from forests, farmers are more than compensated for the grass-land that they offered for afforestation.

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