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Our projects change the lives of beneficiaries and offer new perspectives

Astonishing changes and improvements of natural resources thanks to trees and forests after a few years already



Women groups irrigate fields during the dry season. Every year they expand the vegetable plantation, vegetable that allows improved nutrition for their families, and a part is sold on the market.



Women and youth organizations use the shade of the new forests for organic coffee production, the «black gold of Ethiopia».



Women plant vegetable and fruit trees around their homestead. Thanks to erosion protection, improved soil fertility and moisture below the forests, beautiful gardens develop around the privat houses.

Initiatives and implementations


Afforestation of forests as long-term source for wood and water and to ensure fertile agricultural land for improving the nutrition situation.


Subsistence farmers, women, and donkeys

Support for self-development to poor farmer families, including support to women associations. In addition, donating donkeys to women-headed households (as humanitarian aid).


School projects

Education for youth regarding value and purpose of trees, in theory and practical application.


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