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Foundation Green Ethiopia focuses in it's bilateral collaboration on the following five Projects:


1) Trees for Tigray

Support for peasant associations in Tigray Region on reforestation as long term mean to fight erosion and reclamation of cultivated land. To gain farmers for reforestation, we also support them on short-term water security and plantation of vegetables and fruit trees. Such activities are mainly in collaboration with the women of the peasant association.


2) Micro Credits Arsi

Provide micro-credits for small poor farmers which do not receive loans from any Bank or alternative organization. The credits are granted for seeds, farm animals or tools. The money is granted as non-interest baring 3-year loan, and after pay-back it is provided to a next farmer family. Additionally, this projects includes donation of donkeys as pack-animal to females.


3) Hill Reforestation Oromo 

Support of peasant associations in Oromo Region as long term mean to fight erosion and reclamation of cultivated land. Females are involved through cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees.


4) Center for Propagation of indigenous trees and bio-diversity development

Support of a Center on diffusion of indigenous trees.


5) School projects

While establishing, maintaining and running schools is clearly the duty of the government, our projects focus on the youth's understanding and experiences regarding carrying and growing fruit trees and forests. Through establishing of orchards within the school compound, the students understand the importance of forestation, learn the practical work with fruit trees, and they learn about the water cycle.



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