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Ecosia.org - Plant trees while you search the web

Ecosia.org is the internet search engine for multi-fold benefits: find what you search for and at the same time plant trees that better the lives of people. We are partnering with Ecosia to plant trees for them in Ethiopia.

Everybody can join in and contribute

Ecosia GmbH was founded in 2009 and has since changed our world: it combines searching the internet with ecological and social benefit. An outstanding idea with professional implementation, rewarded with exponential growth! Ecosia GmbH and Foundation Green Ethiopia have a partnership for afforestation in Ethiopia. As we follow the same aim, share the same, and both agree that trees are essential for natural cycles as well as for improving lives of people, our projects match perfectly with the social and environmental responsibility of Ecosia.


We are happy and feel honored to be part of the innovation and the journey. And we want to invite everyone to become part of the success and join in using ecosia.org!


Further information for Ecosia:


Foundation Green Ethiopia, P.O. Box 171, CH-8405 Winterthur

Tel. +41 (0)52 233 15 31, Fax. +41 (0)52 232 34 14

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