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Corona Virus Update June 2020

COVID-19 in Ethiopia

In recent weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases also increased in Ethiopia. As per June 8, 2020, africanews reported 2 020 infections and 27 death casualties.


Compared with the numbers in Europe and other countries, Ethiopia only has few cases. Still, we must be careful reading these numbers, as the unreported cases are unknown. And we know that fighting the virus is a real challenge, in a country where the majority of the population fetches water in canisters from far-away water sources, are dependent on buying food on crowded markets, and where people live under narrow conditions. We can only hope that the virus does not spread further, especially during the upcoming rainy season.


Our afforestation projects are on track

Ethiopian Prime Minister proclaims a big afforestation program 2020

Delightful new, together with lively pictures, arrive from our project areas. The production of seedlings is according to plan – with social distancing and hygiene. In some parts of Ethiopia, such as Arsi highland and Sidama (which has two annual rainy seasons) the rain has already started early this year which allows plantation activities to have already started.

Similar to last year, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed called all people supporting the plantation of 5 billion trees this year. In order to have sufficient seedlings, farmers were asked to produce seedlings in private nurseries.


We are confident, that we shall reach our goal of planting 10 million trees for our 20th anniversary year in 2020. Many thanks for your interest in our projects and solidarity with our project work.



PDF with illustrative Pictures (from the cloud)



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