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On December 7th 2013 was the 5 year anniversary celebration of the Accordeos Foundation with an event at the Franziskus Center in Üetikon am See. For the occasion of the anniversary, the foundation donated the amount of CHF...

Interview with Swisscom (19. April 2012)

Swisscom offers on their Bluewin portal an interview with Kurt Pfister, titled 'the man who plants hope with trees'. We thank Swisscom very much for this platform, which shows great interest from day one. Here you find the link...

Simon Pfister's trip to Ethiopia had the following objectives: control project status, especially new afforestation projects, reporting, potential collaboration with Viva Humanidad for school projects, control school projects,...

Trip October 2011 (07. November 2011)

The objective of Kurt's trip were the following: negotiations with the organization SOS sahel zone (potential collaboration), visiting project areas, reporting (afforestations July/August 2011), conferece of Swiss NGOs being...

Trip with Group 2011 (17. February 2011)

In January/February 2011, a group of donors visited Ethiopia. Attached you find some impressions (in German) of the lasting memories of the interessting, fascinating trip!

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