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Corona virus

Since a few weeks, our partners in Ethiopia inform us that covid-19 has now arrived in Ethiopia. With 123 confirmed cases and 3 death casualties...

Trip report June 2019 (04. July 2019)

In June, Simon Pfister has visited the projects in the south and east, partly together with representatives of Ecosia. In addition to see the preparation work for the 2019 plantations in July, we also looked forward to potential...

Trip report February 2019 (08. April 2019)

In February, Kurt and Irene Pfister visited many of our project areas. The vivid pictures mainly show the results from the 2018 afforestation as well as preparations for 2019. Impressive what becomes possible with hard work and...

Travel report August 2018 (26. August 2018)

Simon Pfister visited the projects in August to assess the plantations. In selected areas, the future collaboration, including requirements for donor support, were discussed and options assessed. in August, to the end of the...

Travel report May 2018 (26. August 2018)

In May, Kurt Pfister visited the projects, attending preparation work, discussing the ongoing work for afforestation in July, and where necessary look into new agreements for 2019 and the following years. A vivid, multi-fold...








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