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In 30 pictures we explain how a forest is created from a seed. Enjoy the pictures of a step-by-step presentation of seeds, tree nursery, preparation, planting, protection and finally forests as the basis for the cycle of more...

Afforestation project progress is successful

Good news and pictures arrive from our project sites. The production of seedlings was according to plan and the seedlings are ready for plantation. As the rainy season started early,...

COVID-19 in Ethiopia

In recent weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases also increased in Ethiopia. As per June 8, 2020, africanews reported 2 020 infections and 27 death casualties.


Compared with the numbers in Europe and other...

(Please find illustrative pictures in the attached document below)


Corona virus

Since a few weeks, our partners in Ethiopia inform us that covid-19 has now arrived in Ethiopia. With 123 confirmed cases and 3 death casualties...

Trip report June 2019 (04. July 2019)

In June, Simon Pfister has visited the projects in the south and east, partly together with representatives of Ecosia. In addition to see the preparation work for the 2019 plantations in July, we also looked forward to potential...








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