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Ethiopians - a people of shepherds and farmers

Most Ethiopians are farmers and/or shepherds, cultivating the land as sedentary or half-nomads.


86 % of the active population is working in the agricultural sector which is by far the most important economical sector.


The population is set up by many different ethnics and tribes which provides much variety and a colorful formation.


The major ethnical Groups are Oromo. Amharic, Tigray, Gurage und Harari together make up for another 45%. the remaining are smaller groups like Somali, Danakil, Sidamo and Bedja.


About 40% are Christians (orthodox), another 40% Islamists.


A typical Ethiopian does not exist. The People are different from region to region, from tribe to tribe. They are different in look, customs, behavior among themselves and to foreigners, and habits.


Most Ethiopians have no or only little experiences and contacts to the abroad. Accordingly big is the interest and curiosity, and at the same time their timidity, sometimes even antipathy against new things.

Food for Work

Tigray - young girl

Tigray - peasant

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