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Foundation Green Ethiopia
Charitable foundation for environment and development in Ethiopia

A charitable Foundation in duty

  • to help indigent people in Ethiopia's remote, rural areas to take their future into their own hands
  • to sustainably enhance the living situation of the predominantly farming people in scant regions of Ethiopia
  • to fight soil erosion and the resulting insufficient harvests and its results (malnutrition, hunger dependance on foreign Aid and great indigence)


  • Ethiopia as one of the poorest countries on Earth is depending on help and support
  • the living situation of thousands / millions of people is and will remain desolate
  • help and support show promising success and it does offer courage, hope and propspects in their home country
  • we can achieve much wells even with small money only

Dry Country - eroded - low fertility

dry season in the Rift Valley - the long way to some water

Ploughing farmer

Farmer women with child at Huruta

Foundation Green Ethiopia, P.O. Box 171, CH-8405 Winterthur

Tel. +41 (0)52 233 15 31, Fax. +41 (0)52 232 34 14

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