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according to deed of foundation

Paragraph 2 of the deed of Foundation describes the objective as follows:


"The objects of the foundation shall be without any profit-making or self-help motive, but shall be:

  • to support Ethiopian farming and forestry by developing sustainable environmental agriculture and forestry to conserve and restore soil fertility and therefore the long-term cultivation of available land resources.
  • to provide advice and support to Ethiopian farmers with regard to sustainable production, appropriate storage and marketing of essential home-grown foodstuffs to ensure long-term basic nutrition in Ethiopia."

Fighting erosion means:

  • reforestation through planting trees of indigenous species
  • protect the reforestation are from cattle and wild animals
  • construction of simple water harvesting (ponds)
  • construction of simple dams
  • River-Diversion (redirection for irrigation)

Support for private farmers:

  • providing tree seedlings and seeds
  • donating material and utilities
  • supporting water harvesting retention and storage
  • advising vegetable and fruit plantation
  • supporting extraction and supply of seeds
  • counseling ecological production

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