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Kurt Pfister  Florenstrasse 73 CH-8405 Winterthur 
Irene Pfister Florenstrasse 73 CH-8405 Winterthur 
Adrian Pfister Langeggweg 5 CH-9500 Wil 
Simon Pfister Grendelbachstrasse 52 CH-8307 Effretikon 

Founders, from left to right: Simon Pfister, Irene Pfister, Adrian Pfister, Kurt Pfister

Foundation Board Members

Beat Beutler Priest CH-3604 Thun 
Susanne Bührer Economist CH-8451 Kleinandelfingen 
Claire-Lise Hahling banking expert CH-8906 Bonstetten 
Irene Pfister Economist CH-8405 Winterthur 
Kurt Pfister Economist CH-8405 Winterthur 
Dr. Konrad Stierlin Jurist CH-8402 Winterthur 
Hansruedi Zehnder Consultant CH-8405 Winterthur 


Simon Pfister

Alem Tsegaye

The following people are working for the foundation.


People in Switzerland (none of the people receive any compensation for the work provided):

  • Board Management: Members of the Board
  • President: Kurt Pfister
  • Vice-President: Hansruedi Zehnder
  • Managing Director: Simon Pfister, Ph.D. HSG
  • Administration: Irene Pfister
  • Public Relations (brochures, Web Site): Adrian Pfister, dipl. LM-Ing. ETH


Country Representative in Ethiopia (part-time)

  • Ms. Alem Tsegaye, Country Representative Manager



Former Foundation Board Members

Paul Wanner

During two periods, from 2004 to 2011, Paul Wanner was an active, extremely valuable member of the Foundation Board. During his term in office he worked passionately for our objectives. He not only acquired a significant number of new donors among his friends and colleagues, he also participated actively in the project work during his numerous visits to Ethiopia. We are very happy and thankful for his valuable contribution and we are lucky and honored that he will be further active for our foundation and we remain connected in deep friendship.

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