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Partnership Agreement with French Fondation Yves Rocher

On July 1st we and Foundation Yves Rocher, France, represented by Mr. Jacques Rocher, Manager for Sustainable Development and Prospects, signed a


partnership agreement


for a afforestation project in Ethiopia.

It was agreed that Fondation Yves Rocher supports the Foundation Green Ethiopia by planting


100’000 trees indigenous species


in 2009. This plantation is part of the United Nations Environment Programm (UNEP) for which Mr. Jacques Rocher is planting one million trees. The plantation site is in Adwa Woreda, Gendebta Village. Yves Rocher S.A. funds the planting but also the guards (the plantation site is declared as “area closure” for 5 years) the amount


of 30’000 EURO.


The agreement also includes reciprocal communication rights and the possibility to continue the collaboration on 2010, depending on the results of the first years planting.


2010 bis 2012

Based on the successful collaboration with a total of 210‘000 trees that have been planted in 2009, Fondation Yves Rocher descided to support Green Ethiopia further. The project for reforestation in Midmar (Adwa, Tigray) will be supported during 2010 and 2012. During these years, it is planned to plant 5.5 million trees in the project-area arrout Midmar-dam. We thank Fondation Yves Rocher for this extraordinary support.

Hill to plant 60'000 trees

Hill to plant 40'000 trees

We are very grateful for this support and we thank FONDATION YVES ROCHER very much indeed.


"Fondation Yves Rocher" once again finances the plantation of additional 110'000 trees!


In August, the French organisation "Fondation Yves Rocher", together with the German magazine "emotion" decided to plant 110’000 additional trees for the program "Plants for the planet" from the UNEP. The number of 110’000 trees corresponds to the subscribers of the magazine "emotion".


The plantation was realized at the end of August in Ethiopia, Tigray Region, Adwa Woreda. 50 % were planted on hill sites surrounding the town of Soloda town and 50 % on hill sites surrounding the town of Gendebta town. Representatives of the magazine "emotion" as well as Yves Rocher German GmbH participated in the plantation activities for 2 days.


With these additional 110’000 trees our Foundation Green Ethiopia supported "Fondation Yves Rocher" and the program "Plants for the Planet" in 2009 with the plantation of a total of 210’000 trees. We are very grateful about this activity.


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