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CO2-compensation through aforestation

We offer our aforestation in Ethiopia for you to compensate your CO2 footprint. Aforestations offer a sustainable impact!



  • CO2-absorption; oxygen instead of carbon dioxide
  • sustainable soil and climate improvement
  • sustainable improvement of water resources
  • protection against erosion / claiming back of arable land for food production
  • support of biodiversity
  • recreation areas for human beings


Allow us to calculate your CO2-footprint and compensate your CO2-consumption with us! At the same you support further aforestation which are enormously important, valuable and sustainable for humans as well as for nature in general!


Our Offering for your personal CO2-compensation:

  • Aforestation

    to fight soil erosion and for a better climate

  • providing CO2-certificates

    to ensure your personal climate-neutrality

  • publication of your CO2-compensation on our homepage

    to inform the public about your activities


Environmental objectives require actions

The objectives to reduce the greenhouse gas CO2, which has been proclaimed by many countries, oblige many enterprises to take corresponding actions. Not all companies and organizations are able to reach the required CO2-reduction level. In such cases compensation offers additional solutions.


The crux with the CO2-cycle

Whatever we do, wherever we are – we leave our CO2-footprint. And by today there is broad agreement that all humans of our planet are claimed to reduce the CO2 pollution –or if not possible, to contribute to its reduction /compensation.


source: pressebox.de


Trees / aforestation offer a sustainable solution

Trees consume carbon dioxin (CO2) from the air and transform it to oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, which the trees release back into the atmosphere (simplified description). Therefore forests are an important pillar to fight the CO2 surplus on the earth.



CO2-absorption through aforestation

According to different scientists, one hectare aforestation consumes 50 tones of CO2 over a period of 10 years. Therefore, the 880 hectares of forest that we afforested between 2004 and 2008 accounts for 44’000 tones of CO2 that we can offer for compensation purposes.


We offer this amount for your compensation at a price of


CHF 37.- per ton CO2.



This price includes:

  1. Guarantee of sustainable aforestation for the respective amount, including guarding to protect the aforestaion area for the necessary years.
  2. Support the calculation of your CO2-footprint.
  3. Eligibility to use the ”compensation logo” (see above).
  4. Certificate with amount and price of the compensation (upon request).
  5. Payments are seen as committed donation and you will receive a donation confirmation.
  6. Publication on our homepage www.greenethiopia.org (upon request).


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