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For financial resources, the following policies apply (partly defined in the deed of foundation):


1. money is fully to the favor of Ethiopia

Board members and managers work as volunteers without any compensation.


2. collaborative contribution of Ethiopia is a must

The experiences of many development activities, clearly indicate, that development projects will only succeed in the long term if there is not only aid form abroad, but also direct contribution by beneficiaries through personal engagement.


We need financial resources for



  • Supply of tools and equipments (incl. seeds and plants) for establishing and running nurseries for seedling production as well as for transportation of seedlings to the project areas.
  • Supply of water pumps.
  • Constructions of gravity irrigation (dams, ponds, canals).
  • Payment of employees in Ethiopia.
  • Other costs for public relations and Foundation administration.

secondarily / later for

  • Compensation of Experts for dam construction
  • support training, mainly for women on vegetable production
  • supply of necessary tools (training centers)


Financial fundraising should be as follows:


The foundation capital of CHF 40'000.-- was contributed by the founders.


The foundation shall be founded by:

  • Contributions from the board members (without obligation).
  • Donations from private persons.
  • Donations from companies.
  • Donations form other organizations (environmental, aid, etc.).
  • Governmental contributions
  • Event activities (sports, tree plantation, etc.)

We hope that through these sources the foundation will raise enough money to finance the projects.

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