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Your personal CO2-compensation

You are interested to compensate your CO2-footprint?


Calculate your compensation requirement and we offer you the suitable aforestation project for an efficient, sustainable compensation with additional positive effects for humans, animals and nature! For CHF 37.- you not only compensate 1 ton of CO2, your contribution also supports sustainable development in rural Ethiopia. Therefore, your aforestation support brings many fruits: climate change, access to clean water, fighting poverty, and therewith increase the livelihood of small farmers and their children (follow this link for more background information on the CO2 related afforestations of our foundation).



How to calculate your compensation amount

To calculate your CO2-footprint and the resulting compensation amount (typically calculated as number of tons to be compensated) you many choose between different calculations:



Calculate compensation amount:

Multiply the number of tons of CO2 to compensate with CHF 37.-. Transfer this amount to our bank account with the comment “CO2-compensation” (here you find additional information regarding the transfer). Your payment is seen as committed donation and we will send you a respective confirmation. As visible mark for your compensation of the flown miles or of the driven kilometers we will provide you a sticker (see below). In addition, we will provide CO2 compensation certificates for companies and organizations.



Our aforestation projects:

We compensate your CO>sub>2 -footprint with aforestation of indigenous trees as part of our aforestation projects. Since 15 years we are collaborating very successfully with local farmers in rural areas of Ethiopia. Our aforestation projects are always supported by additional measures (water harvesting, vegetable plantation or plantation of fruit trees) and they are conducted in a multi-lateral collaboration with the beneficiaries. Any support reaches the farmers, organized in associations, at 100%.



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