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Your Donations

Foundation Green Ethiopia is reliant on financial support to continue the existing projects and initiate new ones.


Many, many thanks to all our benefactors and donors for their support. Ethiopians do deserve our help. Donors are many private persons as well as the following companies and organisations:



The fundraising-plattform fivetolife generated valuable funds. Therefore we like to recomend this plattform to all interested people and organisations. Further information can be found at www.fivetolife.org.


Usitawi Network

… supports the plantation of 10'000 trees in the north of Ethiopia (see also Usitawi project description)


Rütli-Stiftung Lucerne

... allows with its donation to extend the school projects to 6 additional schools (Link to Rütli-Stiftung)


Namo (oberer Graben in Winterthur) supports us generously. A part of your spendings at the shop is donated to the foundation Green Ethiopia - a good reason to buy at Namo's.


Donations of goods

Design and Layout of brochures

Mr. Walter Gygax (MCPartner GmbH) creates the layout for our brochures and gets the data ready to print. We thank him for his valuable support of our foundation.

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